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Antique Authentic Daniel Peterman Pennsylvania Dutch Folk Art Fraktur

Authentic Pennsylvania Dutch fraktur hand-wrought by famous folk art master Daniel Peterman (1797-1871). This is a work commemorating a baptism ceremony for Juli Anna Peterman, born in 1775 (the actual baptism may have occurred somewhat later than that as Pennsylvania Dutch Anabaptists are baptized in adulthood, or Peterman may have made this much later as a gift to a family member -- possibly his mother). Whatever the mystery between the 1775 date and Peterman's birth thought to ccur in 1797, this may well be the earliest known work by Peterman. The fraktur was attributed by Pook and Pook Estate Appraisers in Downingtown, PA. Fair to Good condition, showing creases and losses, as pictured. The frame is modern.

I took this to a language professor at Elizabethtown College and he translated it as follows (admonishing me that there are a number of misspellings and archaic words, making a precise translation difficult):

FOR A MARRIED COUPLE, Peter Petermann and his wife Dorothea who was born Ronnin. Their one daughter came into the world on the 28th day of January in the year 1775. The daughter was born in York County in the State of Pennsylvania, North America. She was baptized and received the name Juli Anna from Reverend Wagner. The witnesses at the baptism were George Michael Ronn and his wife Juli Anna.

From the time we are born to the time we die is but a small step, and with every passing second our time recedes, and we are carried all too soon to our graves. And who knows when, for God has revealed this to no one with His mouth. Therefore, he who carefully prepares his own household will go with joy from this world, with the certainty that he will die and then be awakened."


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