Private Reserve

Here are several items in our "Private Reserve."

They are all investment-grade in terms of value

  and condition.  Given the state of our economy

 today, you should feel far more comfortable

 owning any of these things than paper and promises from corporate bureaucrats.



Item Description

wpe1.jpg (16990 bytes)


Magnificent Wilhelm Schimmel c.1875 Carved Eagle

brogi1a.jpg (38931 bytes)


Giovanni Brogi (1853-1919) Marble Bust Sculpture

dux1a.jpg (14448 bytes)


Royal Dux Art Deco Dancers Figurine

tiffclock1a.jpg (63500 bytes)


Antique 1898 Tiffany French Regulator Clock

wing1a.jpg (38934 bytes)


Large Antique Wingender Stoneware Pitcher

peterman1a.JPG (41579 bytes)


Antique Daniel Peterman Pennsylvania Dutch Fraktur

whbowl1a.jpg (21618 bytes)


Frank M. Whiting Sterling Silver Footed Bowl c. 1920-30


liqbowl1a.jpg (37511 bytes)


Marked Lalique Leaf Leaves Art Glass Bowl 

ellg1a.JPG (32137 bytes)


David Y. Ellinger Oil Painting Theorem Vase & Flowers

hankey1a.JPG (46983 bytes)


William Lee Hankey (1869-1953) Dry Point Awake
ssvases1a.jpg (31671 bytes)


Pair 1896 English Sterling Silver Trumpet Vases

schel1a.JPG (32091 bytes)


Andreas Schelfhout Winter Scene Oil Painting

tate1a.JPG (61929 bytes)


Gayle Blair Tate Rose Cup Oil Painting

wcrft1a.JPG (43351 bytes)


Vintage Roseville Wincraft 3 pc Tea Set

quenc1a.JPG (44851 bytes)


Raymond Quence Mont St Michel Oil Painting

wpe3.jpg (10075 bytes)


Rare Near-Mint 1935 Madge Evans Coca-Cola Tray

tifflamp1a.jpg (20809 bytes)


Authentic Tiffany Studios Woodbine Lamp 

barr1a.JPG (27460 bytes)


Richard Le Barre Goodwin Watercolor Landscape

bordet1a.jpg (28499 bytes)


Marguerite Bordet Watercolor Portrait of Man



Antique Hand-Painted Roses Nippon Vase


Antique Signed LC Tiffany Gold Favrile Plate

blakbisq1a.jpg (48259 bytes)


Antique German Black Bisque Baby Composition Body

chels1a.jpg (61952 bytes)



Antique early 19th Century Chelsea Harvesters


bonsell1a.JPG (24684 bytes)


George Frederick Bensell Portrait of Jesus Child

wpe26.jpg (22564 bytes)


Antique Ironstone Flow Blue Chen-Si Platter

wpe1.jpg (9219 bytes)


US M1902 Captain's Presentation Sword 

birdcage1a.jpg (54470 bytes)


Antique Germany Two-Birds Birdcage Music Box 

ivory1a.jpg (28170 bytes)


Signed Henner German Miniature Portrait on Ivory

wpe1.jpg (17978 bytes)


Moreau French 31" Bronze Art Nouveau Statue

lila1a.JPG (44662 bytes)


Lila Lewis Irving Still Life Watercolor Painting

dion1a.jpg (39928 bytes)


5 Vintage Dionne Quintuplets Dolls on Ferris Wheel

trini1a.jpg (30202 bytes)


Jose A. Trinidad Oil on Canvas Seascape Paintin

 hasim1a.JPG (28791 bytes)


Hasim (1921-1982) Oil Painting Portrait Balinese Girl

wpeE.jpg (23779 bytes)


Antique Staffordshire Soft Paste Pitcher

nard1a.JPG (63572 bytes)


Vincent Nardone (1937) Inlet Fog Watercolor Painting

wpe12.jpg (24177 bytes)


Unusual Large Tramp Art Box

zobust1a.jpg (51601 bytes)


William Zorach Bronze Bust of Gentleman

dogs1a.jpg (54671 bytes)


Very Rare Staffordshire Brickmakers Dogs

pplamp1a.JPG (58923 bytes)


Antique Pairpoint Puffy Boudoir Art Glass Lamp

tiffbowl1a.jpg (6321 bytes)


Authentic L.C. Tiffany 4" Favrille Bowl

shakers1a.jpg (53112 bytes)


Rare Mount Washington Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

bens1a.JPG (32670 bytes)


Frank W. Benson ORIGINAL Artist Proof Ink Etching

guy1a.JPG (28266 bytes)


Seymour Joseph Guy 1855 Portrait

lalique1a.jpg (36503 bytes)


Lalique Frosted Glass Shell Bowl

thony1a.JPG (49467 bytes)


Wilhelm Thony (1888-1949) Voodoo Dance Painting 

leg1a.jpg (50375 bytes)


Signed Legras  Hand-Painted Art Glass Lamp
karp1a.jpg (28194 bytes)


Leon Karp (1903-1959) Portrait of Two Boys


Kathe Kruse Celluloid Pair -- Boy and Girl

reut1a.jpg (36680 bytes)


Henry Reuterdahl Gouache Naval Battle Painting

strang1a.JPG (45928 bytes)


William Strang (1859-1921) Drypoint Portrait Etching

salv1a.JPG (97331 bytes)


1778 Patrick Robertson Edinburgh Sterling Salver

alex1a.JPG (26057 bytes)


Robert Graham Dryden Alexander Gauche Seascape

gpitch1a.jpg (29091 bytes)


Gorham 1920's Sterling Silver Water Pitcher


spode1a.JPG (60118 bytes)


Antique Spode Pearlware Blue Transfer Platter
neag1a.jpg (58270 bytes)


John B. Neagle 1849 Portrait of Woman

pitch1a.JPG (32145 bytes)


Antique Pearlware Purple Spatterware Tulip Pitcher

peruv1a.JPG (45697 bytes)


Antique Spatterware Peruvian Horse Hunt Platter

esh1a.JPG (26461 bytes)


Elizabeth Still Harrington Watercolor


A De Luca Bronze Marble Centaur Statue


Peter Kramer Portrait of Thomas Gainsborough


Antique Albert E. Harnisch 1874 Bronze Statue


Verna Seagreaves Santa Claus Folk Art Painting


Alain Dequet Still Life Oil on Canvas Painting


Joseph Casalane Oil Portrait Painting "Mary"


Raymond Martinez Coastal Landscape Painting


Jeanne Marie Chenu 1908 Portrait of Gentleman


Pierre Aubert (d. 1912) Bronze Scholar Statue


Antique Royal Bayreuth Hand-Painted Stein